K.I.T.T. V1.0
become KITT4

In 2016, my first K.I.T.T. replica returned home. All the work I had done to build K.I.T.T. v1.0 was irreparably compromised. Inside, I found a bad copy of what was my first operating system, cloned by a scoundrel to put it on sale, of course, without my permission.
Why destroy what I had done, to build a non-functioning abortion?
With tons of patience, I started to rebuild and restore what was my first K.I.T.T. replica, and in 2018 KITT4 was born. This new and last Knight Replica Car, has a unique function, never seen before in any K.I.T.T. replica, it can become K.A.R.R. the bad twin!
This is the end of the story, started and ended with the same car.
Will there be an happy ending in the future? Nobody knows.

All the phases of KITT's reconstruction are on my Youtube channel.

I'm back!

This is the intro that I made for fun about this new adventure. As You know, I am a senior CGI artist and i have my production studio, Virtualmotion, so everything You see on my channel is made by myself!

26 July 2016
The adventure begins

1st April 2018
KITT4 is ready.
The story of me and K.I.T.T. ends here!

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