K.I.T.T. V3.0
From NEW YORK to LAS VEGAS on board of K.I.T.T.

As I was thinking of giving up, and I was invited to Las Vegas Car Stars, being held in May 2014 in Nevada. This happened after selling my second replica and it was destroyed to kill my name. I started all over again and with the help of a workshop, I built another KITT. Together, we brought KITT in America. We decided to send K.I.T.T. in New York, and from there travel to Las Vegas in Nevada, and then get up in Santa Monica, California, where Route 66 ends. A trip of over 7000 km, a challenge, a crazy dream. In this way, I left my little mark in the United States of America. Of course, a camera crew has captured this crazy journey concluded with the Las Vegas Car Stars 2014, where K.I.T.T. was presented to all fans of the television series Knight Rider. 

Build Kitt for the 3rd time

This replica of KITT was made by me and A.G. in 2014. Anyway I do not work in their team, I just worked with them to build KITT v3.0 and cross America on board this car.

Trip to vegas

In this video, a brief summary of the trip to America with KITT

Las Vegas Car Stars 2014

After traveling on K.I.T.T. from New York to Las Vegas, I meet a great person, Catherine Hikland, who starred in several television shows including Knight Rider, my partner on board of KITT in the final of the Las Vegas Car Stars 2014. A unique emotion!

The remake of Knight Rider intro

I am close to Los Angeles, the location where, in 1982, was filmed the intro of Knight Rider. Why not make a new intro with KITT? Despite an incredible wind, we arrives on the dry lake and, with KITT , Shoot the new Knight Rider intro.  Perhaps it is the first remake that has ever been done, after more than 30 years, in 2014, Kitt returned to interpret itself! 

Me and Katherine Hickland on K.I.T.T. at Las Vegas Car Stars

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