K.I.T.T. V2.0
my replica reloaded

In March 2011, I was saying to myself that I would have not done it again, and instead in October of the same year, I completed the construction of my second replica of K.I.T.T. This is a replica in every sense of the word. As identical as possible to what K.I.T.T. looked like on the first TV season of Knight Rider, that of my childhood memories.
The only advantages I had this time are having found a car already registered and painted, including K.I.T.T.’s nose (which, however, I disassembled and redid). Everything else was made ​​from scratch. The actual programming continued until July 2013, when for the second time, luck abandoned me again, and I had to sell KITT once again. Like my first replica, no happy ending for K.I.T.T. v2.0, which was dismantled with a conspiracy to put me in a bad light and destroy my credibility . No one knows what happened to this car and where it is today.

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