K.I.T.T. V1.0
my first replica

February 2007 - May 2008. It was a titanic job and in these pages I provide only a summary of what I did. Before doing this, no one had ever built a replica of K.I.T.T. that actually worked like a computer. There were no patterns, designs or prototypes, hardware or software on which to base to develop a replica. The existing replicas had nothing to do with what I had in mind, and then I started from scratch, availing only of my inventive spirit. The reconstruction of K.I.T.T. was a huge challenge, that happened on a very special time of my life. All along those months, there were unexpected issues, bad humor, desire to give everything up, even in my private life. Ups and downs, a painful history that took this replica to TV programs, radios and newspapers, following wrong hands that led to my job towards its worst end. In spite of this, my name became known all over the world thanks to this K.I.T.T. replica.

K.I.T.T. V1.0 spotted on
"Tg2 Motori"


Relive the dream!

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