Marco Valleggi

February 1971, a boy named Marco was born, who at the age of 3, at the sea, dismantled JukeBoxs instead of jumping into the water. That child is me. I like technology, I like to invent new things, but I especially like the music, but I find myself doing the CGI generalist, that I do not even know what it is. Then, there is K.I.T.T. that happened in my life as a joke, and it looks like he wants to take me far away. I was in fact the first ( in Italy ) ever to build a K.I.T.T. replica really similar to the one seen in the show, the first ever to make it incredibly interactive, so as to be called by " TG2 Motori " , RAI italian television , for an interview with my first K.I.T.T. Even today I continue to update my replicas and produce new programs with interactive features ever more fascinating. 

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